“Modern Day Miracles” will give you a foretaste of what we are about to enter – the greatest outpouring of miracles in history.’
— Sid Roth, host of ‘It’s Supernatural!’ television

“What a victorious collection! This is a divinely-inspired set of stories. These compelling first-person accounts will stir up and renew your faith—no mater how bleak your situation looks today. This powerful book reminds me that miracles are possible, miracles are for today, and that the God behind these miracles loves us more than we can imagine. If you are holding this book it’s not by accident. I promise you, there is something in this book specifically for you.”
— Audra Rose Smith, Producer, The 700 CLUB, Nashville Location

“Only the hand of God could be behind this collection of powerfully expressed stories. These are testimonies of how ordinary lives have been and are being touched and impacted by the extraordinary one True Living God. These stories are little vignettes that could in mere seconds, pull you into a saga and have you rooting for someone to just ‘hang in there!’ They are varied and in them you will find yourself identifying with our humanness, and rejoicing in God’s faithfulness and His extravagant love for His children. Congratulations to everyone who shared their stories, and to Allison for compiling them so that God could receive the Glory and we could all be encouraged.”
— Vicki Schliefer, Co-owner/Station Manager, CFWC-Power 93.9 FM,
Brantford’s Christian Radio Station

“The testimonies in this book will dramatically encourage and inspire each Christian reader. I was amazed at the diversity of stories in which God’s miraculous power radiated in the lives or ordinary persons who were impacted in extraordinary ways. No one who reads “Modern Day Miracles; 50 True Stories of Divine Encounters, Supernatural Healings, Heaven and Hell Experiences, and More”, will be left without impact upon their spiritual temperature! Thank you Allison, for abundantly blessing the Kingdom.”
— Rev. Joe Campbell, National Director of Development, Christians for Israel
Canada, Coordinator for Stand on Guard Prayer Canada, & Coordinator for
Israel Intercessory Prayer Canada

“At a number of the most critical times in my life, I have personally experienced what can only be understood as a series of God’s amazing miracles. Read this book by Allison Restagno about fifty testimonies that only God can and does do at times of need for provision, comfort, healing, encouragement and salvation, and find your faith greatly strengthened to trust the living God for your own miracle and heart’s desire!”
— Rev. Dr. Larry Brice, Presbyterian minister, evangelist, and television host

“I don’t claim to understand how God’s direct presence in this world intersects with so called “natural” forces—where skill, training, hard work and careful thought leave off and where divine healing and guidance breaks through. And yet, along with the contributors for this book, I choose to interpret much of the hope and healing in this world as straight from the hand of God. This book is a reminder that the world is full of miracles.”
— Ed Epp, Executive Director, cbmCanada

“I have had the great privilege of witnessing first hand the miraculous power of God in my miracle meetings in Toronto-It always gives me much joy when I see children of God giving testimony to what the Lord has done. Revelation 12:11 states: “And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” (KJV) 1. ‘Modern Day Miracles; 50 True Stories of Divine Encounters, Supernatural Healings, Heaven and Hell Experiences, and More’, is a very significant work for the Body of Christ. Whether we are a new believer, a veteran of the faith or an unbeliever, it reminds us in a very tangible way that we serve a God who is still in the miracle business. He impacts his people globally and transforms lives completely and permanently. The power within these testimonies allows us to overcome our own unbelief in the most challenging situations of our lives. The dictionary defines miracle as: ‘an act or event that does not follow laws of nature and is believed to be caused by God.’2 In fact, God acts on our behalf daily in miraculous ways. Each time we breathe his breathe of life, we encounter the works of his miraculous hand. As we survey the splendor of his living creation, we see the active work of a miraculous artist, sculptor, and designer. The evidence of God’s power is clearly manifested in our natural world. When we embrace the understanding that his power is available to work in our lives, we gain the ability to identify our daily miracles. On a daily basis, God miraculously provides for and protects his children. He comforts, encourages and demonstrates his abiding faithfulness and unfailing love to us. When we are broken and in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing, he rescues and restores us. Each time we experience his grace and mercy in our lives, we are impacted by his miracle of salvation. With the understanding that God is no respecter of persons, we are all empowered by the testimonies outlined in this book to believe God in all things and to receive all that He has for us in Jesus name. I would strongly encourage you to read ‘Modern Day Miracles’ with an open mind and heart, expecting God to accomplish great and mighty things in your life-including the working of miracles.”
— Pastor Evans Barning, Pastor of The Lamb of God Miracle Ministries of
North York, Ontario, Canada, and Joy 1250am radio evangelist
1. Rev. 12:11, “Holy Bible, Authorized King James Version, Concordance Dictionary, Red Letter ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49506, USA: Zondervan Bible Publishers, 1132.
2. “Miracle.” Student’s Oxford Canadian Dictionary, 2nd ed. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2007, 674. Copyright 2010, Restagno Developments, Inc. All Rights Reserved

“I was going thru a lot and to the point of losing my trust in God. I felt abandoned and I thought He stopped listening to my prayers. I stopped reading the Bible because I get deeply hurt whenever I read His promises which I never get to receive. But I know I can’t turn away from my faith, I know He is real, but I felt He turned His back from me. I knew I need something to reassure me and remind me that God is good all the time. I checked on the library books and found your book. I cry on every story I read thinking how God can help and do miracles for other people but not for me. But every story gave me strength and understanding of who He really is.

I was in Chapter 39 when some bad news came to me. I was telling God, I have bigger problem than a wedding. How come He can grant those prayers, when my problem is bigger than that. I cried to my friends and told them Does God Hear me? Has He even listen to my prayers? I spent the weekend crying because of the bad news but somehow continued to read your book then when I got to Chapter 39, those where the exact words I uttered, same questions I have in my heart, right there and then I realized that He is going to answer my prayers. My heart was so overwhelmed with hope. By the time I was in Chapter 47, my prayer was answered!

I waited for that answer for 2 1/2 years and almost lost my trust in Him. It is because of the Modern Day Miracles that I have continued praying and hanging on to Him going thru my ordeal for the last 3 weeks. I felt the need to inform you with the help of your book, Miracles are multiplying.”