About Modern-Day Miracles

Modern-Day Miracles, was written as a result of a series of miracles, which occurred both before the inception of the book (thus confirming that this book was indeed destined to be started), as well as miracles that occurred steadily throughout the entire year-and-a-half process of the making of this book.

The book Modern-Day Miracles is comprised of a collection of fifty true modern-day miracle stories personally shared through compelling, highly personal and dramatic first-hand accounts by a wide variety of persons chosen by the Lord. Story contributors come from many different countries and geographical regions, as well as from interesting and vastly diverse walks of life and backgrounds, including professional backgrounds.

Professional backgrounds of some of the fifty story contributors include: A flight nurse, a real-estate agent, a member of the Presidential Task Force in Washington, a counselor, a university founder, a mechanic, a homemaker raising six children, major ministry directors and founders, Pastors and Pastor’s wives, an Opera Singer that has sung at Carnegie Hall, a Dove Music Nominee, a Tyndale University Professor, a founder of a multi-media Christian Broadcasting company, an inventor, several Christian authors and speakers as well as Messianic Jewish authors, a medical doctor who witnessed a creative miracle in his O.R. after prayer with his medical team, several story contributors who have had either Heaven or hell near-death experiences, a former atheist police officer from the East Side of London, successful CEO’s, and persons who have experienced divine encounters with Jesus, angels, and/or share their personal experiences of Supernatural Healings, etc.

All story contributors have freely given their stories, and have also agreed to include their first and last names, along with the city, state, and country to where they reside. Many have chosen to include other biographical information, including their personal contact information.

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Thank you for taking the time to view the miracle website. It is my hope and prayer that this website will be a special blessing to you this day, and that your year as well will be filled to overflowing with your own ‘Modern-Day Miracles.’

Sincerely, Allison C. Restagno of Restagno Developments, Inc.
Modern-Day Miracles; 50 True Stories of Divine Encounters, Supernatural Healings, Heaven and Hell Experiences, and More, a Destiny Image Publication.